Tam Island Tourist Resort is an attractive site of sea-island eco-tourism. The site still maintains the primitive natural features with its tropical evergreen forests and the clam sea. Lining the long sandy beaches are the 20 bungalows facing the ocean half-hidden in the flower bushes, the coconut palms and the tropical vegetation. Here, the tourists can enjoy the wonderful nights at sea with camp-fires, songs and games in the immense environment of the sky and the ocean. The stay will be all the more attractive with can wine and delicious seaproducts from Tằm Island Restaurant. Then a long walk round the island will bring you to every corner on this small paradise.

The resort was selected as “One of the most pleasing destinations in 2004â€Â by consumers. Come to us and you will be considerately served. Our three restaurants can hold 1,000 diners at the same time and serve a wide range of dishes from common ones to specialties. You can select for yourself and your company a menu up to the taste at VND 25,000 to 200,000 per person.

You can also choose to take part in thrilling activities with only VND 120,000 to 200,000 per person. You can participate in diving tours to admire the beauty of the ocean floor or contemplate the beauty of the island from high above in the sky in your parasailing trip, or chase the ocean waves on the jetskis.… Volleyball matches on the beach, kayak races, mountaineering trips … or, more leisurely, just sunbathing can bring you unequal relaxing feelings.


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