Location: Situated in the very heart of Nha Trang City

Situated in the very heart of the city, but Chong island can meet all your satisfactions by offering a wide range of services like mountain climbing, beach sightseeing, sea bathing. It is a huge stone complex multishaped in piles running from the high coast down to the beach, which looks like having been arranged and built by hands of a giant in a naughty game. And there is another group of smaller stones, lying under the Eastern foothill called Hon Vo (Wife Island).

There are many interesting legends around Chong Island, one of the strangest thing is on a huge stone of the highest cliff of Chong Island, there remains a 5-finger print of a huge hand, relating that right from the beginning of the mountain creation, had it yet been solidly shaped, but there was a touch by a very big hand, as a result leaving its deep imprint until now.


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